Our Team!!
Driven by Passionate Expertise

The Master Tea Factory is guided by a dedicated team of young professionals, fueled by a shared commitment to operational excellence. Leading this dynamic force is Dr. Teju Bolujoko, a Doctor of Philosophy in Process Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology, UK.

Dr. Bolujoko boasts a distinguished career, including the honor of being the first African Technical Director of Cadbury Nigeria Plc. His innovative spirit is evident in his numerous awards for excellence, creativity, and groundbreaking achievements. One such accomplishment was conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the revolutionary Cereal Conversion Plant (CCP). This game-changer transformed sorghum into malt extract and glucose, earning him the prestigious National Productivity Merit Award in 1988, presented by then-President General Ibrahim Babangida.

Dr. Bolujoko brings a wealth of experience from multinational companies, having retired as a Manufacturing/Operations Director. This expertise led him to establish RUCH Investment & Manufacturing Ltd (RUCHIM).

The team is further strengthened by Dr. Funke Bolujoko, a Public Health Professional and Nutritionist with over two decades of experience at the World Health Organization across country, regional, and headquarters levels.

Our vision

Is to enhance the health status of all tea consumers by providing a meeting point of refreshment and nutrition in every cup of Master Tea consumed

About Master Tea

Science has shown that up to 60% of the human adult body is water, implying the importance of keeping one’s entire body system constantly well hydrated to maintain normal body functions. Driven by a passion

to address this identified human need and find an answer to the fundamental question, “WITH WHAT FLUIDS DOES ONE KEEP ONE’S BODY WELL HYDRATED TO ENSURE DISEASE PREVENTION AND

GOOD HEALTH?”   The Team led in-depth research into a variety of functional herbs that can aid in hydrating the human body with nutrient- dense fluids that are natural, pleasant, refreshing, and safe which resulted in our distinct Master Tea Brand.


The key promoters of this one-of-a-kind Master Tea product range, are largely made up of award-winning Chemical and Process Engineers who worked with multinationals for close to thirty years and deeply passionate about Innovation, Backward Integration, Research & Development,

and a Public Health Professional who worked with the World Health Organisation for over twenty years and a firm believer in the role adequate nutrition plays in disease prevention and a healthier lifestyle.


We brought innovation into the processing and packaging of our ten SKUs made from Moringa, Ginger, Hibiscus, Turmeric, and Mambila Black Tea to make them easily available to consumers in their most natural state, free of chemical additives, artificial colours, flavours, fillers, or preservatives, to ensure that consumers get the most benefit from every cup of Master Tea. Remember, you are what you drink, therefore



100% natural

Caffeine Free

Low Caffeine


No Artificial Ingredients




Refreshing black tea

Moringa powder

Moringa & hibiscus

Hibiscus & Ginger

Moringa & Ginger

Ginger & tumeric

Moringa, Ginger & Tumeric